March 22 is World Water Day. The water crisis and all the consequences of climate change are there for all to see and they must make us think about how important it is to have a more sustainable approach to natural resources and how much we can do with our behavior every day .

As has already been said on many occasions, the textile sector has, unfortunately, a strong impact on the environment through the emission of large quantities of CO2 and the use of substances potentially harmful to health. Added to this is the great water waste and tons of waste produced every year due to the discarding of used clothes. Faced with this situation, it is very important that companies and the entire production chain commit themselves reducing the environmental impact.

Also in Grassi 1925 we try to make our contribution in this sense. We have obtained several certifications to improve the management of our business processes with a view to greater efficiency and sustainability. We are studying innovative solutions, designing our clothing in eco-design perspective, although this is not easy for workwear and PPE, which must always ensure adequate levels of protection. We are trying to raise awareness throughout our supply chain, from fabric and accessory producers to the customer, to implement effective solutions in a sustainable way!
It’s sometimes a slow and tiring process, but we believe it’s the only way forward!

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