01 October 2021

Sustainable protection

The realization of a highly protective head of technical clothing is a very complex procedure. It starts in fact from the design in which many different elements are being studied and evaluated from the choice of tissues to that of accessories, by modeling to design. Everything to ensure maximum comfort to those with those leaders will have to wear them for many hours and sometimes in extreme conditions. We then pass to the packaging that must comply with the highest quality standards and overcome different controls in the various processing phases. At this point the garment is finally ready to be delivered to the customer.

Certified quality

It is precisely the quality and customer satisfaction two values ‚Äč‚Äčconsidered essential for our company. So that in these years we have achieved a long series of certifications that can demonstrate this commitment in a concrete and measurable way.

Among these there are some who refer directly to the finished chief, such as STANDARD 100¬†by OEKO-TEX¬ģ. The leaders with this certification are particularly safe for the health of those who wear them because they do not issue chemicals, dyes or other harmful substances.

Other certifications refer instead to the entire production process, such as Step of Oeko-TEX¬ģ, ISO 9001 or Certified Supplier¬†GORE-TEX¬†Gold Level. These certifications, in addition to guaranteeing high quality standards for our products, lead us to a continuous improvement of business services and promote an integrated approach to various processes. ¬†

Sustainability tests

In addition to quality and safety, a further very important aspect is sustainability. In Alfredo Grassi Spa we are in fact very attentive to the aspects of Sustainability, both environmental and social. A commitment that is not limited only to words, but translates into concrete and certifiable facts. This is why we achieved the certifications ISO 14001, ISO 14021and Cradle to cradle (Gold)to evaluate our environmental management system, both of the entire production process and of the single cloth finished, made with partially or totally recycled / recyclable raw materials. 

SA8000, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 37001 are the certifications that represent our commitment to the social sustainability and anti-corruption policies, which allow us a continuous monitoring of safety, health in the workplace and the well-being of our employees.