A few weeks ago we celebrated the 95 years of Grassi 1925. In almost a century of activity we have gained a lot of experience, but the desire to look to the future with innovation and resourcefulness has also grown in us! Hence the study and development of many projects on new materials, new products and new technologies with great attention to sustainability, not only environmental but also ethical and social.

Between past and future

This led us, in 2017, to found Gr10K, the Grassi 1925 benefit company. From an idea by Anna Grassi, grandson of our founder Alfredo Grassi, the project of this startup has grown over the past 3 years, becoming a careful reality to fashion trends and sustainability.

But what does the abbreviation Gr10K mean? 10,000 is the code for the first piece of workwear that Grassi 1925 had in stock. We wanted that in the name there was a strong reference to our past, to our company history and to our experience in the Workwear sector, without which this new project would not exist. Hence the choice of GR10K.

With this solid foundation behind us, we projected ourselves into the future, “recycling” deadstock fabrics lying in stock to give them a new life: a fashion line with a strong personality was born, appreciated above all in the North European and overseas market.

Sustainability and design

A famous phrase by Imran Amed (Canadian-British fashion expert, founder and editor-in-chief of The Business of Fashion) reads “Good design is sustainable design”. It seems perfect to describe in a few words what we want from the GR10K: fashion clothing, but sustainable.¬†We have the solution right before our eyes, or rather inside our warehouses.¬†In fact, every year meters of fabric remain unused because perhaps the customer has asked for a color change, because the characteristics to obtain certain certifications for technical garments have changed or simply due to excessive production. Throw them? And why when they can be used to make trendy and design trousers, shirts, t-shirts, jackets or accessories? Together with stylists and industry experts, we started to design and draw: first only a few items, then entire collections!

The future? A nice challenge

Three years have already passed and the GR10K continues to grow. These past few months have been very difficult. When, at the end of February, the world stopped due to the pandemic from Covid19, the Gr10K was receiving many orders for the next season and was in full production phase. The market is slowly starting up again and we also want to be confident. The future for the GR10K? Continue to experiment and continue to be green to create something always new!

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Photo d’ouverture de l’article: Installation pour l’exposition¬†Onlife by Elle Decor Italia at FuoriSalone 2018 (Elle Decor)

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