Sustainability, circular economy, attention to the environment are highly topical issues. At Grassi 1925 we try to be particularly attentive to these aspects in our corporate policy choices and in the various production phases of the garments. But attention is not only manifested in large industrial processes. We think it should materialize even in the small details, such as the production of our tags and garment bags.

Since the beginning of the year we have in fact replaced our old tags with a new version printed on Lenza Top Recycling Pure, paper produced 100% from recycled fibers Post Consumer, guaranteed by certification Blauer Engel and whose fibers are bleached with Chlorine Free processes.

Recently we have also added garment bags made of R-Pet, that is Recycled Polyester. Research shows that, compared to fibers made from the original petroleum-based raw material, the production of fibers from recycled waste requires

  • 75% less water
  • 47% less energy
  • generates 55% fewer emissions.

For this reason, the use of recycled fibers has a double advantage: on the one hand the reuse of what would otherwise be single-use plastic bottles and on the other hand a lower environmental impact than the production of virgin polyester fibers. (Source: FVL srl).

They are probably small gestures, but despite this we believe that every contribution can be important and thus serve to raise awareness throughout our supply chain on a particularly important issue such as environmental sustainability.