Our certifications

Ranging from social responsibility to product certifications, as well as those for various other processes: certifications are important because they represent not only the quality of the product, but also our way of doing business. This page illustrates all the certifications we attained over the years, not only for our Headquarters in Lonate Pozzolo, but also for our foreign plants.

Synonymous with quality and safety

Producing high-performance protective technical garments is not just a job to us, but a mission and this is why we always aim for the highest standards in product quality: from the raw materials to the production.

Quality and sustainability are not just words but are actual facts and figures. This is why we have decided to obtain product and system certifications that actually demonstrate the added value of our results.

Below are all the Grassi 1925 certifications, divided into Process and Product Certifications. We are very proud of all of them, those for social responsibility, those for sustainability, as well as those for quality standards. For further details about these certifications click on each logo.

Process certifications

Product certifications

For further information about our certifications, please write to info@grassi.it