Wearable Passion

Style, comfort and passion distinguish our production: you can take our word for it.

Since 1925 we have been producing technical clothing for the professional sector, the public administration and the sports and fashion worlds with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Our Wearable Passion logo expresses all the commitment and passion we put in every project in order to produce comfortable and high-performance garments.

Our numbers

years of experience
production sites
foreign market
2 mln
manufactured garments
kW of energy produced

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    Our certifications mean quality assurance

    From social responsibility to product certifications including those for the various processes: certifications are important because they represent not only the quality of the product, but also our way of "doing business".

    Amici della Grassi 1925

    Like fabric, the lives of people also intertwine to form ties: from here, the association, Amici della Grassi 1925, was established by employees and former employees of our company.