Workwear can also be sustainable. We strongly believe in Grassi 1925 and indeed we have developed a CradleToCradle ™ Gold Level certified clothing line for workers with entirely compostable garments.

New way of thinking about workwear

In Grassi 1925 CradleToCradle ™, literally “from cradle to cradle”, is not only a certification, but it represents a new way of designing, manufacturing and disposing of workwear.

A new challenge for the future of workwear

Each product is assigned a score on the basis of degree of reuse, recyclability and healthiness of materials, management of water resources, use of renewable energy and social equity and so there are different levels of certification, from Basic to Platinum. In addition possible improvements are proposed in order to obtain a higher score and this “embolden us to implement new solutions and new projects”, says Daniela Ferroni, our R&D manager. “Furthermore, certification not only evaluates the product, but also its production process moving up the supply chain and this is very important for us, because it encourages the development of a supply chain focused on sustainability and circular economy.

Sustainable choices: from supplier to customer

The choice to produce ZeroWaste garments  is an important challenge for us. But it is necessary that not only companies and production chain are made aware of these issues, but also customers must realize the value and importance of choosing sustainable clothing.

Indeed the choice of dressing their employees with CradleToCradle ™ certified garments is important because it represents a tangible commitment to sustainability: not just words, but a concrete attention to people and the environment.

Attention to fashion design

Our purpose is also to make these garments beautiful, comfortable and customizable. To be able to obtain CradleToCradle ™ certification it is necessary to respect a lot of very specific indications, for example on the fabric and accessories type, on the color and on the packaging.

At the same time we know that each customer has their own needs, both technical and aesthetic. In Grassi 1925 we try to propose the best solution that can satisfy both sustainable and commercial aspects, finding the right compromise.