“Always at the forefront of sustainable innovation in technical clothing” means focusing on new raw materials, the use of innovative technologies, achieving the best compromise between protection and comfort, development of technological solutions and continuous communication between the boss, the user and the surrounding environment. Innovation is the basis of our future!

Custom design

We develop new approaches and new technologies, sometimes anticipating the needs of our customers as well as satisfying their needs: everything is designed and implemented to satisfy a need.

Technological process

The aim of our production is focused on people who will wear our garments: the technological innovations used in the manufacturing of the products must lead to improved comfort for our customers. The technical skills and experience gained in the technical sportswear sector can be applied in the military, fire prevention and workwear sectors: in times of physical stress, wearing a comfortable garment can help to reduce symptoms of fatigue.

Internet of Things

Product and process innovation plays an increasingly strategic role in the textile industry and we invest approximately 5% of our turnover in Research and Development each year. These investments give rise to products such as the Smart Jacket for the Fire Brigade equipped with sensors capable of monitoring the conditions of the rescuer and communicating with an outdoor unit in real time.

Innovative products

In addition to Smart Textile our focus is on the search for innovative materials that can enhance product safety and improve performance. An example is the recent use of graphene in the production of fabrics: this material, with high dissipative properties and conductivity, allows to create very light fabrics capable of transferring heat in a planar manner.