01 Sep 2021

I Fuoriclasse della Scuola

For the third consecutive year, our company has chosen to contribute to the growth of the most talented students of the Italian school by supporting the “I Fuoriclasse della Scuola” project, by donating scholarships to the most deserving students. The project was born from the close collaboration between the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings
Completo pioggia vigili del fuoco
12 Jul 2021

The new rain suit from the Fire Brigade

Completely renewed jacket, bodice and overpants with cutting-edge solutions for greater comfort and more and more protection. Alfredo Grassi SPA designs and manufactures clothing and uniforms for the Fire Brigade for many years now, looking for innovative solutions to make garments more performing and comfortable every time, as always requested by the Administration of the
22 Jun 2021

TRICK, European blockchain for a traceable and sustainable textile industry

Our company TrotusTex based in Romania is one of the partners of TRICK, a project that is part of the European Horizon 2020 program and which aims to provide SMEs in the textile sector with a complete, reliable, affordable and standardized digital platform. that can foster a sustainable and circular approach. Important premises The textile
22 Apr 2021

Small deeds, big goal

Sustainability, circular economy, attention to the environment are highly topical issues. At Grassi 1925 we try to be particularly attentive to these aspects in our corporate policy choices and in the various production phases of the garments. But attention is not only manifested in large industrial processes. We think it should materialize even in the
16 Feb 2021

Sustainable embroidery

We talk a lot about sustainability, but we often make the mistake of considering only the environmental aspect, which is certainly very important, but it is not the only one. In fact, when it comes to sustainability there is also another very important theme, which is that of social sustainability. In Grassi 1925 we know
19 Jan 2021

Textiles, an opportunity for young people

Very often, thinking about textiles, one imagines a sector closely linked to tradition, especially in a territory like ours in which manufacturing is strongly rooted. In reality, textiles and clothing, in particular technical textiles, are sectors in which innovation and research are making incredible progress and which offer young people great opportunities. At Grassi 1925
23 Dec 2020

Happy Holidays

This year will undoubtedly be a different Christmas, but we hope it will bring you all a moment of peace and serenity. We wish happy holidays to all our employees and their families, our suppliers, our partners and all our customers.