Our production is based on fundamental principles that represent the key to our success because they enhance the quality and characteristics of our products and services.

From the experience of our staff to our commitment towards the environment as well as the certifications to fight counterfeiting: everything contributes to making us what we are!

Human resources

We believe our team of specialists, who carry out their work with commitment and dedication every day, is our most important resource, the basis of all our success and the most valuable asset that makes all the difference.

Quality and certification

Producing high-performance protective technical garments is not just a job for us, but a mission and this is why we always aim for the highest standards in product quality: from the raw materials to the production. But quality is not based just on words, but facts. This is why we have decided to obtain product and system certifications that actually demonstrate the added value of our results.


For years we have been promoting sustainable development in the technical clothing sector, implementing a business model that ensures that every business decision is related to future needs as well as current ones. This is why sustainability according to Grassi 1925 includes aspects of environmental sustainability (respect and renewability of natural resources) and ethical and social sustainability (well-being of human resources)


Increasingly innovative materials, advanced technical performance, advanced communications with the outside world. These are the basic characteristics of our products, which can achieve success only thanks to trusted partners who meet the high standards demanded by our customers every day.

Amici della Grassi 1925

Like fabric, the lives of people also intertwine to form ties: from here, the association, Amici della Grassi 1925 was established by employees and former employees of the company.

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