Ethical and social sustainability

Our respect for resources is 360°, from the raw materials we use to our employees. This is why we cannot help speaking about ethical and social sustainability which includes a range of activities and projects designed to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace for those who work with us.


As we did for environmental sustainability, we also obtained a number of important certifications for social sustainability. These are not just simple certifications but are important goals to us because we testify to our way of doing business.

For example SA8000, whose values include respect for human rights and workers’ rights, non-exploitation of children and health and safety in the workplace. This certification is valid for all our production sites, our headquarters in Lonate Pozzolo as well as our plants abroad. We’d also like to mention BS OHSAS 18001 that certifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system. Last but not least ISO 37001 – anti-bribery management systems which foster, on the one hand, the growth of a culture of transparency and integrity and on the other, the development of effective measures to prevent and tackle problems of corruption in the company.

Business ethics

In addition to the above-mentioned certifications, Grassi 1925 has also adopted a code of ethics: in this document we have set out all the values that our company recognises, accepts and shares with its employees as well as externally with its suppliers and its customers. These values represent our ethical business culture and help us to define corporate strategies and activities; together with a passion for our work, they are the common thread of everything we do at any level: from our Executive Board to the behaviour of managers and employees.

Alongside the Code of Ethics, we have added a Organizational Model and an Anti-Corruption Policy ensuring our compliance and respect with the anti-corruption rules, not only nationally but also internationally. This is why Grassi 1925 strives to develop greater awareness among its employees in identifying and preventing corruption in the various business contexts in which they operate.

Social sustainability projects

To promote occupational health, our company adhered to the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) project, several years ago; this is an initiative that is also supported by the Lombardy Region, ATS Insubria and the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese.

Within this project, we created an itinerary in the large park surrounding the company where one can exercise or just relax during lunch breaks in the open air, we promoted a series of talks with professionals in combating smoking and gambling and we also organised the distribution of fresh seasonal fruit in all our departments twice a week. Small gestures that we hope will contribute to a better condition in the workplace and, why not, even in our usual everyday routines!

We also founded the Amici della Grassi 1925 association for employees, former employees and their families with the aim of keeping alive the relationships developed in the workplace and supporting non-profit projects.