Amici della Grassi

The experience gained in Grassi 1925 is not just about work, it engages the whole person and will be remembered forever.

Established on 19th May 2019, the non-profit association “Amici della Grassi 1925” is open to employees, former employees, friends and families!

“Amici della Grassi 1925” has the aim of keeping alive well-established relationships that were formed in the workplace, celebrating the memory of those who are no longer with us and retracing the fundamental stages of the company’s history.

Alongside these activities are the firm commitments to support particular projects such as raising money or collecting basic necessities for populations affected by an earthquake or other natural disasters.

Only a few weeks have passed since its establishment. As the projects develop and grow, we will happily share them on this page and on the social media channels of Grassi 1925. Stay tuned!