A few days before the world stopped due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we received the “Quality Alternation Stamp” from Confindustria for the 2019/2020 school year. The emergency then overwhelmed our daily lives and news like this has rightly gone into the background. But now, a few months later, we feel the need to return to telling positive stories, which instill confidence in the future. And by whom, if not by young people, we can learn to look back to the future with courage!

School-Industry Collaboration

What is BAQ? As reported on the website of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese, the High Quality Label rewards those companies that stand out for the creation of high-quality school-work alternation paths by activating virtuous collaborations with secondary schools and vocational training centers. .

These types of activities are very important both for the world of school, which can thus offer students an overview of what the world of work will be and help them in choosing “what to do when they grow up”, and for companies because it is the opportunity to introduce young people to the production and industrial sector.

Other projects for young people

Happy with this recognition, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, in addition to the School Work Alternation, our company participates in other projects designed for young people such as the PMIDay organized by Piccola Industria Confindustria and Generazione d’Industria conceived by Univa.

PMIDay: a day in the company
What better way to introduce young people to the world of work than to invite them to find out for yourself. This is what happens during PMIDays. Young middle school students are hosted by companies from all over Italy and, with their teachers, have the opportunity to better understand how life in the company takes place: what types of work are practiced, what skills are required by employers, which Study path is advisable and what are the opportunities for young people who will face the world of work in the coming years.
Every year also in Grassi 1925 we host the schools of our area: if you want to find out how our PmiDay 2019 was, you can click here.

Generazione d’Industria: working to build the future
9 editions, 56 participating companies, 9 industrial technical institutes and 11 economic technical institutes. 510 internships started, 300 hours of joint training and 800 participants including teachers, principals and entrepreneurs. These are numbers that give an idea of how much Generation of Industry has grown from 2011 to today: a growth that we have experienced closely since our company was among the first to join this project! A concrete way for companies to interface and collaborate with schools, to communicate with students by helping the most deserving ones with scholarships and internships.
On the website of the Industrial Union of the Province of Varese it is possible to have an overview of the project and all the activities related to it.

Young people are very important for the future of our businesses and we will continue to support this type of project because it is important to spread the corporate culture and passion for the job.
We hope to be able to host many new students in Grassi 1925 soon to “manufacture” our and their future together!