16 February 2021

Sustainable embroidery

We talk a lot about sustainability, but we often make the mistake of considering only the environmental aspect, which is certainly very important, but it is not the only one. In fact, when it comes to sustainability there is also another very important theme, which is that of social sustainability.

In Grassi 1925 we know this well, so much so that 4 years ago we set up Grassi 10000, a benefit company that has, by statute, “the study, design, planning and creation of clothing items guided by principles of sustainability”, “operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner, towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social activities …”

This long introduction seems important to us in describing the Tatreez Design project that Grassi10000 supports together with SO, a collective of independent creatives.

The Tatreez Design Project

Tatreez Design

Photo Nikola Lorenzin

But what is Tatreez Design? It is a social brand registered with the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior by 75 Palestinian women: initially created for women in difficulty (single mothers, widows …) it has now become a much larger project. In the 4 refugee camps in which it is active, Tatreez Design creates accessories and fashion products characterized by a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Palestinian embroidery (Tatreez in Arabic means embroidery!).
The idea behind this project is to enhance the female population of the refugee camps, from a financial, social, psychological and political point of view.

A special collectionGrassi10000

This project has also found supporters in Italy, where the cultural association SO has launched a fundraising campaign that is divided into various activities and initiatives designed by creative professionals active in various sectors.
Among these we want to remember Collective Collection 2020, a project in which international artists and designers have combined their creativity with the traditional Palestinian embroidery of the Tatreez Design artisans. Grassi 10000 is also collaborating on the Collective Collection 2020 with some garments. The project is still under construction. Soon the collection will be ready and available for order.


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