In order to deal with the Coronavirus-Covid19 emergency,Ā Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese organized a Fundraising campaign by donating the proceeds to the two Social and Health Territorial Companies of the Varese area: the Asst Sette Laghi and the Asst Valle Olona.

The funding closed after two weeks, on April 10, with a considerable figure: almost 1.14 million euros. Money that was immediately used to order medical equipment and personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses.

What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean without that drop would be smaller.Ā (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

As many as 181 donors responded to Univa’s appeal, large and small companies who, even in this moment of difficulty, have decided to make their contribution. But not only! Individual entrepreneurs and private citizens also responded. Among these, we would also like to underline the participation of our Association Amici della Grassi 1925.
Employees and ex-employees worked hard and raised 3,000 euros: heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed, every single donation was precious! It is in moments like these that we see the strength and union of a team!