ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised reference standard for Quality Management Systems.

One of the main aims of ISO 9001 is customer satisfaction in relation to the products and services provided by a company, as well as of course the continuous improvement of company performance, thus ensuring its customers the maintenance and improvement over time of the quality of goods and services.

Grassi 1925 obtained this certification forĀ Italian plant in Lonate Pozzolo in 1995, for Romanian production plant in TĆ¢rgu Trotuş, forĀ Tunisian production plant in Korba.

Why is this certification important?

Being ISO 9001 certified allows us to:

  • systematically assess risks and opportunities;
  • adopt an organisational model based on an integrated processes approach;
  • better respond to the needs and expectations of customers;
  • reduce costs by improving operational efficiency;
  • clearly define the responsibilities and professional growth of its employees;
  • establish transparent communication towards reference markets.