Grassi 1925 presents an innovative ballistic protection jacket that can be worn in contact with the skin and offers maximum comfort for the user, ensuring adequate and high protection from gunshots and knife.

No compromise between protection and comfort

Authoritative studies (FBI Report 2008; Shanley, et al. 1993/ Barker, Black, 2009; Branson, Sweeney, 1991; Kaiser, Damhorst, 1991; Schutz, et al., 2005)Ā have shown that more than 40% of officers killed on duty do not wear bulletproof vests because they are considered too uncomfortable and cumbersome.

This has led Grassi 1925 to design and manufacture a bulletproof jacket that can be worn as an intimate garment leaving maximum freedom of movement and ensuring high ballistic protection.
This chief is meant for private security guards, law enforcement, armed forces and special forces, even undercover. The design of the garment allows you to wear the jacket in direct contact with the skin, making it virtually invisible under uniforms and clothing, without anchoring systems such as velcro, elastics, hooks or zip on the shoulders or waist. The jacket is made with seamless knitted fabrics.
In addition, to ensure greater thermal comfort and better breathability, the inner lining is treated with graphene, an innovative non-toxic material, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antistatic that allows to disperse excessive body heat and better management of sweat.

To the excellent performance qualities, we can add easy maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. Very important elements since the garment can be worn in contact with skin for many hours, even in adverse weather conditions.

Innovation and sustainability

This product is not only an innovative solution, but also sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view since it has been studied and made with chemical-free technologies and packaged with PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) certified fabrics.