More than 1,200 women working in Grassi 1925. An important number, even more important if you think that they represent more than 80% of employees. Different roles, different ages, different countries, different lifestyles, but with one thing in common: being women.

“In companies in our area and obviously also in Grassi 1925 women are a very important resource” recalls our President Roberto Grassi. “So important that we chose a woman as General Manager!”

Mariagrazia Vittori has been working in Grassi 1925 for almost twenty years and she is Chief Operating Officer since 3 years. She is responsible for coordinating the company’s operational and planning activities, working side by side with the President on the Board of Directors to achieve the set business objectives.

“It’s not a simple role. There are many responsibilities and many commitments. But it is certainly stimulating and engaging.” Mariagrazia says. “I am fortunate to have many colleagues who work with my same passion and who help me every day. “

Focusing the discussion on the female world, she adds “If we look at our sector -technical work clothing- and our clientele -Firefighters, Army, Police, Carabinieri and Public Administration- I have to face daily with a world almost exclusively male. In recent years some changes have begun to appear, but I remember attending meetings, conferences or presentations in which I was the only woman. In those moments it is not easy: I have always had to work hard to win the trust of customers and suppliers despite having the same skills and the same experience as male colleagues. “

Women are said to have an edge!” continues our COO “I think that “simply” are forced to be more efficient. I see it every day! Even working in a company like Grassi 1925 attentive to corporate welfare and social sustainability, younger colleagues, perhaps with young children, often have to go out of their way to reconcile family life and work. Yet they do it, managing to be present moms and excellent workers! “

The presence of women in the company is now essential, at any level. Only here in Italy, in our headquarters, out of 100 employees 73 are women and in many cases hold important roles: as Head of the Research and Development Division we have a woman, as Head of PPE Certifications we have a woman, not to mention Modeling, of Tailoring and Communication. Responsible for our start-up Grassi 10K is a woman, Anna Grassi! If we look at our foreign sites, Sanila Koci is CEO of Grassi Albania SHPK and Melania Comanici of Trotus Tex Srl in Romania and finally Grassi France is composed exclusively of women!

In short, without falling into rhetoric, I can say that in Grassi 1925 they are truly blessed among women! “

Thanks to all the women who are with us every day and with passion and commitment contribute to the success of our company, in Italy and abroad!

Happy March 8, happy women’s day!