On 29 November we hosted the children of the “C. Carminati” Comprehensive Institute in Lonate Pozzolo for the traditional PMI DAY event.

A successful initiative

The National Day of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is an initiative organized throughout Italy by Confindustria and this year has reached its tenth edition, with an ever-growing number of schools and companies. Also for the Province of Varese there has been a growing interest in this project. Any numbers? This year 4,300 students from 194 classes from 37 institutes who will visit around 150 companies from all sectors have been involved. This is a very important initiative for our area, so rich in manufacturing companies, because it allows young people to get in touch with the world of work, discovering realities they often don’t know, and businesses to involve students by transmitting values and useful stimuli for their future.


The visit of the students to the our company was divided into two different moments. First, a part in the classroom with our Engineer Daniela Ferroni, head of Research and Development, who illustrated to the kids our company reality and the importance of issues such as the Internet of Thing, Sustainability and Internationalization. Following the classes followed our Quality Manager Nicola Villa on a tour of the company, starting from the laboratory, passing from the warehouse, from our new offices to the production and logistics part.

At the end of the visit, the students returned to the classroom and had the opportunity to meet our President Roberto Grassi to whom they asked many questions. They wanted to know “if it is difficult to manage Grassi 1925”, “what skills are required” and “which course of study is preferable to follow” in order to start working in a company like ours. But at the end of everything, the message that has been sent to us by our President is that of “putting passion into it, because only with so much commitment and a great desire to do can the desired results be achieved. Of course the knowledge of languages, the willingness to travel and technical skills are very important, but the desire to get involved and always want to give the best are “skills” that are not learned in school, but must come to you! ”

Thanks again to all the children and teachers who accompanied them and to the staff of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese who organized all these days of meeting for the children of our Province.
Next year, for the 11th edition of the PMI DAY!