30 August 2022


About a year ago, we were contacted by the Interdepartmental Laboratory “Engineering for Sport” of the Politecnico di Milano (E4SPORT Polimi): “We want to develop a project that combines sport, youth, research and innovation. You want to join us?” How could we say no?!

And here we are, after a few months and a lot of work, to present WeAre4Children: a project that will involve 20 young footballers of the US Bosto Sports Club in Varese, aged 11-13 years, who will use a sensorized T-shirt, developed as part of the European Project Pegaso, able to collect data on their sports performance and physical well-being. Monitoring will take place during workouts. Biometric sensors installed on the shirt will detect parameters such as heart activity, posture, breathing, energy consumption and mood. These data will then be useful for coaches and families of young players.

Together with Politecnico di Milano and US Bosto of Varese, WeAre4Children involves two other realities of the Varese territory: Centro Polispecialistico Beccaria and TK Soluzioni.

In addition to a clear interest in what may be the applications of technology to clothing, this project also has an important social aspect. The sports clubs of our territory, in fact, have a fundamental role in the life of our children, from the aggregative point of view and for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Even more so at a time like this, when between war and pandemic young people risk losing their reference points. It is therefore nice to be able to help these realities in their work.

Also for this reason, we liked this project from the beginning. It is a demonstration of how innovation applied to textiles can give rise to useful solutions for everyday life, solutions that, as in this case, can contribute to the protection of the health of young sportsmen.

 Team play, in work as in sport, gives rise to winning projects!