Today, May 19th, our company turns 95. Given the serious situation we are experiencing, we asked ourselves if it made sense to “celebrate” anyway or if it was not preferable to avoid. On reflection, however, we believe it is important to celebrate this anniversary, to remind us that, even in this storm, we have firm roots to which we can hold on to look to the future with confidence.

Challenges as opportunities

From weaving in the 1920s to a cutting-edge technical clothing company, the Grassi we know today was born thanks to the ability of Mr. Alfredo, grandfather of our current President Roberto Grassi, to transform a potentially negative situation into an opportunity.

Customer proximity and innovation are the common thread of these 95 years

In those years Grassi was a spinning mill. One of our customers contested a large batch of fabric. What to do? Signor Alfredo rolled up his sleeves and decided to “recycle” that fabric to make uniforms for prisoners. Thus was born our packaging business. Since then, customer proximity and innovation have been the leitmotif of these 95 years.

Experience and innovation

In almost a century the company has grown both in numerical terms, reaching up to 1,500 employees with 10 production sites, and in terms of quality with the development of increasingly performing and technologically advanced garments.

However, we have remained a family business: this is important for us because generation after generation we have always tried to do business following the values ​​we believe in, being able to count on collaborators who like us work with commitment and passion. We have also been able to capitalize on the experience gained in almost a century of activity: experience that combined today with innovation, research and development make us proud of what we are and what we do!

An unusual birthday

At a different time we would have organized a party with our employees, both those who are now in the company, and those who are now retired, with friends and family because this important milestone has been achieved all together. But unfortunately today we cannot and we “limit” ourselves so to remember how far we have traveled, how many challenges we have overcome, how many difficult historical moments we have gone through. And this makes us positive and optimistic that even today’s difficulties will be opportunities to become even stronger!

So, happy birthday to us, despite this bad time. This year we will have no trouble finding a wish to make as we blow out our 95 candles!

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