Among the many technical garments we make, one in particular is enjoying great success among our customers. It is the jacket in Softshell, a comfortable “soft shell” with some technical requirements that make it particularly suitable for the workwear industry.

Softshell jackets, designed for sports and leisure, are also ideal for workers thanks to their ease of use and the protection they offer from the elements. As we have already pointed out several times, in Grassi 1925 the contamination between the different sectors of clothing is a source of inspiration and allows us to create very versatile products, with increasingly better fit and performance characteristics.

How the Softshell “works”

But let’s see what are the technical characteristics of this particular product. The Softshell is composed of three different layers: water-repellent polyester on the outside, often combined with elastane, then a breathable membrane and finally a micropile coating for greater thermal comfort.

Surely you happened to have to wear a waterproof jacket for a walk in the rain. Most likely not a drop of water came in from the outside. But when we move, the body sweats, the humidity cannot get out, and when we stop, it cools down, leaving an unpleasant wet sensation and lowering the body temperature.

The layers of the Softshell are just to avoid this unpleasant situation. The outside is not waterproof, but water repellent. This means that it resists water, but being breathable allows moisture to come out. The underlying membrane thermoregulates the temperature inside the shell, retaining heat when necessary, but moving the excess away from the body. In addition, the combination of these two layers makes the shell windproof.

Finally, the micropile layer makes the jacket more pleasant to the touch, soft and warm.

Why the Softshell when working

All these features make the jackets in Softshell very performing garments, ideal for workwear. They are in fact comfortable to wear, space-saving and very elastic. They are perfect in the middle seasons, such as in these autumn months, when the temperature varies a lot during the day: it will no longer be necessary to keep putting on or taking off the jacket because the ability to heat-upAdjusting the membrane will allow those who work to always feel a pleasant feeling to wear.

Do not underestimate the ease of maintenance. Softshell jackets are easy to wash, dry quickly, do not need ironing and are very durable.

Last feature, but not least for an item of work clothing, is the possibility of customization: from the choice of colors to the application of logos and brands Softshell jackets can be adapted to the corporate image according to customer needs.