14 April 2022

Smart Workwear

Unfortunately, the latest data on accidents at work are not reassuring. As published by Inail, in January 2022 there was an increase of 47% compared to the same month of 2021 and of 23.9% compared to January 2019.

In this context, our commitment in design and manufacture of work clothing must be increasingly attentive to safety and protection of people who will wear them.

Just thinking about workers protection, we designedĀ Smart Jacket, a sensorized jacket that allows to monitor operator’s physiological parameters, environmental conditions and to communicate in real time with the operations center outside the site of crisis.

This garment was designed primarily for the Fire Brigade. ItĀ was a very involved project, which required many months of testing, to solve the many critical issues that the extreme work environment, in which it was intended to be used, presented us. High temperatures, poor visibility, presence of toxic substances were some of the factors that have put our technologies to the test.

Thanks to teamwork with the entire production supply-chain, we were able to select most appropriate materials and most valid technologies to obtain a product of highest quality and efficiency.

But there are many sectors in which the Smart Jacket can be an indispensable piece of workwear. Some examples? Operators involved in the event of gas leaks or noxious substance, technicians who work in very isolated or particularly dangerous areas (such as tanks, underground rooms or platforms) and in extreme environmental conditions.

With this product we can specifically meet customer needs and offer a garment tailored to the different levels and types of protection required.

A few more details

Let’s see in detail what are the characteristics of our Smart Jacket. In the video you can see by clicking here, the sensors have been implemented on a Fire Brigade intervention jacket, one of our flagship items in terms of protection and safety.

Several sensors detect the temperature inside and outside jacket and, thanks to light and sound alarms, signal a dangerous situation both for the wearer and for his co-workers. A heart rate monitor constantly detects the operator’s vital parameters.

The jacket houses a small control unit that receives and transmits information from sensors. When data transfer is not active, the control unit acts as a black box, recording all information communicated by sensors.

With an App installed on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC, it is possible to monitor the environmental and physical conditions of one or more operators remotely in order to ensures a quick reaction in the event of problemsĀ during the rescue intervention. Communication can take place via classic Wireless connection or low frequency solutions LoRaWAN.

Tailor-made solutions

Therefore, if we combine the high performance of our garments in terms of fabric and packaging with the technology potential, it is easy to see how a product like the Smart Jacket is a precious life-saving garment for those who must intervene in dangerous situations.

Strengthened by the experience gained over the years, we can work together with our customers to design the product that best suits the needs of operators, thus providing a tailor-made service from every point of view.