2023 begins with a big news for our company.  On 16 January we became Benefit Company also changing our name from Alfredo Grassi Spa to GRASSI Spa.

“We need concrete gestures: in recent years sustainability has become very trendy and popular, but the risk is that it remains only in words. With this corporate change we wanted to give a tangible sign of our commitment in this sense.” So our President Roberto Grassi explained this corporate change, which he strongly wanted and shared with all the management of Grassi.

But what is a Benefit Society?
Benefit Companies are companies that integrate in their social object, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on people and the environment. They are companies that decide voluntarily to give themselves a virtuous and innovative legal form.

“Becoming a Benefit Company, we have written down in our statutes the commitment to act in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way.” continues Roberto Grassi. “It is a great challenge, but in two years we will turn a century of activity and challenges we are used to! I think this is the best way to do business today. Respecting the people, the territory in which we operate and the environment around us.”

A name change to symbolize a new and more concrete commitment to sustainability.  We will continue to work with commitment and passion to offer our customers the same style and quality as always, but with the awareness of working for a common benefit!