26 February 2020

I4MS-SAE Label

We got recently an important reward at European Level. It’s about the label “I4MS-SAE”, with which the programmes I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) and SAE reward the successful application experiments (AE).

This certification is released for the “excellent implementation, the high potential of further implementation and the innovative aspect of the project” so that it could be source of inspiration also for other companies for the adoption of digital transformation.

CAPSULE uses the access HPC granted by Cloudifacturing for the collection of anthropometric measurements through the analysis of moving images.

“In the company Grassi 1925 we are working a lot on Research & Development and finally we start to collect concrete results” comments Daniela Ferroni, responsible of R&D Division “ In my field a lot of time for design and experimentation is required and initiatives like Cloudifacturing help us and support us to develop our ideas!”.