On 1 September 2020, Ztech Textile, a subsidiary of Grassi 1925, was established. Ztech Textile is based in Romania, in Giurgiu. Being able to count on an integrated production chain, which starts from the weaving to get to the distribution of the finished garment, is very important for us because it allows us to have greater control over the quality of the product, the production times and the supply of raw materials.
The 40 looms of Ztech Textile produce up to 1 million meters of fabric per year. This is partly used for internal use, to make technical and uniform garments for our customers, partly sold to the technical clothing and furnishing sector.

The new company has started all the procedures for ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognized reference standard for Quality Management, and ISO 14001 to certify the environmental management system.

In addition to a productive and qualitative advantage, Ztech Textile also offers aspects of environmental and social sustainability. Given the proximity between the production area of ​​the fabric and that of its use, the impacts of transport are considerably reduced. Ztech Textile also hired around 25 people, with the aim of increasing its employees in the future.

Made in Italy experience

But ZTech Textile is not just fabric production. In fact, the new company takes advantage of all the experience of Z Tech Italia, a Grassi 1925 subsidiary based in Veneto, in Valdobbiadene. Z Tech Italia studies and develops, with the use of innovative technologies in a laboratory equipped with the latest generation instrumentation, high quality technical fabrics designed to offer the best performance and meet the needs for each specific application in the field of personal protection and industrial environment.

Z Tech Italia has gained a great deal of experience in this sector, thanks also to the collaboration with the main world suppliers of fireproof fibers. The great competence and extreme flexibility, combined with constant control of the management of production processes (ISO 9001 certification), guarantee the quality of the final product in full compliance with current national and international regulations. The range of products offered is very wide: technical fabrics, linings, circular knitted fabrics, special treatments and more. To these are added different types of finishing.

Z Tech Italia fabrics thus find application in the uniforms of firefighters, police, army and special forces, in the energy and petrochemical sectors and in the Motor Sport sector.

For more information on Z Tech Italia: official website.

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