In collaboration with our Associazione Amici della Grassi we organized a beautiful chestnut on Saturday 26 October in our park. The event was obviously open to employees, but also to all ex-employees, friends and family.

Being together is a beginning, staying together is progress, but being able to work together is a success. (Henry Ford)

Our guests were accompanied first on a short tour of the company. In these moments, it was very nice to listen to the stories and anecdotes of our ex-employees or to see their amazement at the many changes that we have made in recent years. There were also many children, happy to see the workplace of mom or dad and maybe see their photos on the desks.

In the large lawn of the park a bench of delicious homemade cakes, the vin brule and of course the chestnut tables had been set up. Special mention deserves the stand of Amico Miele, the new project by Grassi 1925 and by Amici della Grassi 1925: the proceeds from the sale of this honey produced by our hives is entirely donated to charity.

The afternoon was spent in joy as you can also see from the photos that we show you below. We thank again all those who helped in the organization and all the participants!