ISO 14021

ISO 14021 is an international standard that allows a self-declaration by the manufacturer of the environmental characteristics of the product. The standard determines the rules for correct communication that can be verified by a third-party body to assess the consistency, reliability and correctness of the information reported.

The declaration of environmental performance is essential for companies that want to declare their concrete commitment to the environment to the customer. The communication must, however, be based on precise rules and be supported by scientific data that can confirm what is stated in the self-declaration.

In the case of Grassi 1925, the declaration indicates the percentage of recycled component contained in the fabrics used for the manufacture of garments through verifiable data and information.

Why is this certification important?

The environmental product certification (ISO 14021) is important because it:

  • increases brand image and reputation thanks to the adoption of sustainability policies;
  • enhances existing technology investments and good practices;
  • allows to communicate product results.