ISO 14021

Environmental product certification aims to inform the market about the environmental characteristics and performances of a specific product. The environmental declaration allows to demonstrate the company’s attention to environmental problems by analysing the product from the point of view of environmental impact. It also allows consumers to have specific information regarding the environmental characteristics of the product.

It is possible to choose between various types of “Environmental Declarations”: Grassi 1925 opted for ISO 14021.

This legislation determines the requirements and describes the general assessment methodology for self-declared environmental claims.

ISO 14021 foresees self-declared environmental claims made by producers, importers or distributors of products, without the intervention of an independent certification body.

Why is this certification important?

The environmental product certification (ISO 14021) is important because it:

  • increases brand image and reputation thanks to the adoption of sustainability policies;
  • enhances existing technology investments and good practices;
  • allows to communicate product results.