Completo pioggia vigili del fuoco

Completely renewed jacket, bodice and overpants with cutting-edge solutions for greater comfort and more and more protection.

Alfredo Grassi SPA designs and manufactures clothing and uniforms for the Fire Brigade for many years now, looking for innovative solutions to make garments more performing and comfortable every time, as always requested by the Administration of the National Body.

An example? The Rain Suit that we present in this article consists of a jacket with hood, removable inner bodice and overpants.

The Fire Brigade intervenes every day on many and varied occasions, often extremely dangerous: from injuries at home or at work to road accidents, from environmental disasters such as floods or earthquakes to the most diverse emergency situations.

For this they need garments that protect them not only from flames, but also from atmospheric agents or substances that can be highly harmful. The garments are also often worn for many hours, in critical situations, so they must guarantee a perfect fit and the maximum possible comfort for an individual protective device.

Crosstech technology

Maximum protection and maximum comfort are guaranteed by the GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® laminates used in the jacket and overpants of the rain suit. These fabrics make the garments totally waterproof and breathable at the same time. Furthermore, this particular type of membrane acts as a barrier against viruses and pathogens present in the blood and body fluids. This characteristic remains intact even after several washes as demonstrated by the numerous laboratory tests carried out.

Working in physically intense emergency situations, for many consecutive hours, can generate severe thermal stress for rescuers. Thanks to the high breathability of GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® laminates, body heat can be dissipated more easily, thus allowing better management of the body’s internal temperature and thus increasing safety and performance.

Lining with Graphene G +

This last characteristic of heat dissipation has been further enhanced by the insertion of a lining printed with GRAPHENE G +. Defined as the material of the future and used in many industrial fields, graphene has recently also been used in the textile sector and Alfredo Grassi Spa was one of the first companies in the world to test this solution on technical and uniform garments.

In particular, GRAPHENE G + is a certified and sustainable graphene because it is obtained through chemical-free water-based processes, totally different from standard production methods. In this way, a defect-free product with non-toxic, antibacterial, antistatic and hypoallergenic properties is obtained that is well suited for use in clothing where prolonged contact with the body is expected.

This graphene surface treatment, called Planar Thermal Circuit, also distributes body heat very quickly, avoiding the formation of excessively hot or cold areas, which results in greater thermal comfort for the user, in any climatic condition. Since it is a non-rigid surface treatment, it does not compromise the softness and flexibility of the fabric on which it is applied.

New segmented bands

The details are also important in the technical garments: for this reason the reflective bands have also been modified in the latest generation Rain Suit. The new 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ Segmented Reflective Bands improve visibility in low light conditions, provide greater flexibility and breathability, as well as greater durability in washing.

Excellent fit

In the past, the protection and safety aspects of PPE were preferred to the detriment of ease of use. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today. Comfort and wearability are an integral part of the study and design of a garment because they increase the rescuer’s performance allowing him to work for longer, in better physical conditions.

For this reason, the Rain Suit has an improved design and fit compared to previous versions, while not neglecting all the protection and safety aspects necessary for the Fire Brigade.