For Grassi 1925 it is essential that each garment respects high quality standards and is able to combine comfort and performance in the best possible way. This is why the accurate detection of anthropometric measurements has always been a key step in the packaging process of our garments.

However Grassi 1925 is not just quality and tradition. Grassi is also innovation, and making innovation means constantly asking oneself if there is no better solution, if it is not possible to find a simpler and more effective way to carry out a task that has always been dedicated to us.

It is precisely by trying to answer this question that Grassi 1925 has decided to start a strategic and exclusive partnership with I-Deal, la software house from Biella, developer of SizeYou, an innovative smartphone application that allows you to simplify, speed up and make the detection and analysis of anthropometric measurements easier.

Through an image analysis process based on refined artificial intelligence algorithms, SizeYou allows you to detect the user’s body measurements simply by framing them with the smartphone. Just two photographs entirely replace the long and laborious analogue manual measurement process.

SizeYou and social distancing

SizeYou is not only the digital guarantor of Grassi 1925’s sartorial tradition. It is also an important hygienic-sanitary safeguard tool, because it allows the detection of body measurements avoiding any kind of physical contact between the user and the operator.

SizeYou protects privacy

SizeYou was designed to operate in total anonymity and ensure the absolute protection of the users’ identity. Already in the detection of anthropometric measurements, the application requires only rear and side shots of the user, so as not to frame his face directly. Furthermore, the photos are neither retained nor shared with third parties because SizeYou operates directly within the user’s smartphone, merely detecting the subject’s silhouette in order to extract the data necessary for identifying the correct size.

Obviously, even the purely operational aspects respond to specific confidentiality requirements. The information obtained by SizeYou is systematically subjected to a rigid anonymization process, thanks to which the personal data of the users are not communicated to the processing server via ID but in the form of an anonymous numeric string, of which only the company holds the keys for the decoding.